Matteo Berrettini explains his perspective on the ATP Players Relief Fund

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Matteo Berrettini explains his perspective on the ATP Players Relief Fund

Italian tennis star Matteo Berrettini says that he does understand the struggle of the lower ranked players but adds that he feels more drawn to helping with other situations during the current pandemic while trying to address his views on the ATP Players Relief Fund on the Tennis Legends vodcast.

Matteo Berrettini on the Players Relief Fund

The World No. 8 Berrettini says, "It’s complicated. It’s not that easy for me. I know that my words can be read in a way that is bad, but I don’t want to be that kind of guy.

I’m just saying that I know really well how these players are struggling because my brother is 500th in the world. So, I know the reality. I’ve been there, not for a long time luckily, but I’ve been there. I know and I am helping him, I am trying to as much as I can.

I just said that in those tough moments, for me, my priority is not helping tennis players, but I would rather help [with] other stuff. Then you can say like I said, 'you can help both', yeah. Or maybe I can help none.

It’s about me, it’s not mandatory, it’s not something that I must do. It’s something that I must feel to do - and now, from my feelings, what I want to do is be helping [with] other situations, and this is all.

As we know, you can take my words out of the context and say that I don’t like tennis players. That I don’t like helping people, but that’s not true. I pick to help [with] certain stuff, and this is my decision."

Matteo Berrettini was talking to former tennis champions Mats Wilander and Alex Corretja on the show. Several other players had also indicated that they felt is was more important to them to help with other causes rather than contribute to the tennis players.

Last year, Berettini became the first Italian man to reach the US Open semifinals since 1977 where his run was ended in the semifinals against Rafael Nadal in straight sets. He also reached the semi-finals of the Shanghai Masters and claimed the final spot in the season ending championships in London.