Ivo Karlovic: Either way I’m okay with continuing or not. I’m set up good either way

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Ivo Karlovic: Either way I’m okay with continuing or not. I’m set up good either way

Croatian tennis star Ivo Karlovic says he is enjoying being at home with his family during the current lockdown and that he is hoping to get back into the Top 100 in the world rankings when the tour resumes, in an interview to the ATP Tour website.

At 41, Ivo Karlovic is one of the oldest players on the tour currently and is ranked No. 124 in the world but says he still hopes to break back into the Top 100. “I am not that far away. I’m No. 124. To be in the main draw of a Grand Slam, you need to be around 100, 104, so I don’t think I’m that far.

Maybe not for this year… but I can get my ranking up and then we’ll see from there. Either way I’m pretty okay with continuing or not continuing. Either way is good. I’m set up good either way”.

Ivo Karlovic on life at home

While Karlovic has hit more aces on the court than anyone else in tennis history, these days he has been serving up aces in the kitchen with his family in Florida.

“We’ve been cooking at home, which I never used to do. I was maybe cooking 20 years ago when I was living alone in Paris or somewhere at an academy. We cooked a lot of cakes: banana, chocolate cakes, raspberry cake.

We made homemade ice cream, homemade yoghurt, chicken nuggets. Almost every day my daughter would find another recipe and we would do it. At first it was really difficult for me mentally, to prepare all the ingredients and everything.

But then once you get into it it’s fun, easy and delicious. That was a little bit new for me, because usually we always travel. To be home for three months now, it’s been awesome. I was spending a lot of time with my kids and with my wife, and it was great.

I cannot say that I really miss travelling that much. It’s definitely nice. It’s a lot more calm life, less stress. Almost no stress compared to travelling and matches and the competition and everything that goes with tennis.

Definitely a lot easier life”. Ivo Karlovic has won eight ATP singles titles between 2007 and 2016. At 6ft 11 inches, he is among the tallest tennis players on the tour.