French Open doubles champ Kevin Krawietz: Reactions to supermarket job exaggerated

Tennis - Kevin Krawietz says many people work there for life and do no get any praise

by Prakash
French Open doubles champ Kevin Krawietz: Reactions to supermarket job exaggerated

2019 French Open doubles champion Kevin Krawietz says reactions and praise to him working in a supermarket during the lockdown were exaggerated.

Kevin Krawietz on his working at the supermarket

A few weeks ago, Kevin Krawietz had said he had worked at a local supermarket during the lockdown.

Krawietz, who won the 2019 French Open doubles title with Andreas Mies, had said in an earlier interview that he long wanted to have a regular job but couldn't while he was on tour. He told der Speigel, "This exceptional circumstance has allowed me to do it.

A friend told me this sector was desperately needing people. So I went. I arrange the shelves, sort the empty boxes... disinfect the carts." In an interview with the German media, Krawietz had said, "There is no reason to praise myself for that.

I helped out for a month in the supermarket. Four hours a day, a month. The full-time staff do it for a lifetime and are not showered with such praise for it." Speaking about resuming tennis training, Krawietz says, "Our game has not disappeared, although we (with partner Mies) have already agreed to train together for a week or two before the restart.

Either in Cologne or Munich. " The German says he still gets nervous watching the French Open doubles final from last year. "I looked at the final again. Especially the beginning and the end. I got nervous watching it. Although I know that nothing could happen to us anymore." Speaking about the distribution of prize money in professional tennis, Krawietz says that prize money should be more evenly distributed so that someone who is the 300th best ranked tennis player in the sport would be able to make a living out of it.

"The world's number 300 in tennis must be able to make a good living from sport. This is not the case at the moment. Such players play fantastic tennis, have a full-time job and hope that they will end up of the year with a financial plus." 28 year old Kevin Krawietz is a doubles specialist who reached his career-high doubles ranking of world No.

7 in November 2019. As a junior, he won the 2009 Wimbledon Championships – Boys' Doubles tournament. He is currently No. 13 in the ATP doubles rankings.

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