Serena Williams may skip the US Open!

Patrick Mouratoglou said the American could not play in New York

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Serena Williams may skip the US Open!

After the statements by Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal who have recently made it clear that they are thinking of not playing the US Open 2020, another bad news arrives for the organizers of the American Slam: Serena Williams could also skip the long-awaited event.

It is not yet known for sure if the New York Slam will be played this year, but some of the most important tennis players of the two Tours have many doubts. This is also the case of the American champion Serena Williams, who would be thinking to not play at Flushing Meadows: it is all closely linked to the strict restrictions formulated by the tournament organizers, which would have proposed the participation of tennis players with only one person next to them.

This decision would take Serena Williams about twenty days away from her daughter Olympia and this would seem an absolutely non-proposable solution for her, despite she is one of the most awaited player of the tournament, still in serch of Margaret Court's 24 Slam records.

After Roger Federer also Serena Williams may miss New York

To clarify the tennis player's thoughts, his coach, the Frenchman Patrick Mouratoglou, talked about the situation. Here are his words: "I think Serena wants to play at the US Open, but 100% I can say that she doesn't know how to play with one person next to her.

In addition to the staff question, she thinks about her daughter and I honestly can't imagine her like that long time away from her. And anyway, she couldn't just bring her daughter, when she plays I don't think she can train her (The reference is to her 3-year-old daughter Olympia - ed.).

We were waiting for the thoughts of the organizers of the US Open to expose us, but it seems that they have very clear ideas and we too and consequently there will be a lot of discussion in the coming days." After Roger Federer (who will go under surgery on his right knee) Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Nick Kyrgios another illustrious person in the tennis world risks not playing the US Open 2020.

In this way Serena Williams would also lose an important chance since in this final phase of her career it is now declared as her main objective to reach Margaret Court's 24 Slam record.

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