Kiki Bertens against Djokovic: "In what world does he live?"

Bertens criticized the Serb's attitude during the Adria Tour

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Kiki Bertens against Djokovic: "In what world does he live?"

Novak Djokovic received endorsements from several players for his concern and initiative to help lower-class tennis players, a task he has driven very well as president of the ATP Players Council. A task that he performed despite no one having really requested his presence and at a time like this, in the midst of a pandemic, was appreciated by both colleagues and fans.

Initially his idea of ​​organizing an exhibition with some of the greatest tennis players of the world was also appreciated, above all thanks to the fact that this tournament represents a fundraiser for various charitable organizations, including precisely that of Novak.

Recently the situation has changed and the current number 1 of the world has been targeted by critics: from his anti-vaccine position to that particular diet recommended on social media, up to the attack on the organizers of the US Open, a position not appreciated by several colleagues and who recently sparked the attack by Danielle Collins and Noah Rubin.

The latest constant criticisms of the Adria Tour and Novak Djokovic

This weekend Novak Djokovic was the protagonist of the Adria Tour, a choice that however generated many controversies. In Serbia, the world no.1 has totally forgotten the various protocols, and the entire tournament has been criticized for various situations such as the lack of masks and the lack of security measures to be observed.

Dutchman Kiki Bertens criticized the Serb and the organization of the tournament (whose first date was won by Dominic Thiem). Here are Bertens' statements about Novak Djokovic and about the Adria Tour: "I saw photos of Novak Djokovic shaking hands with everyone and taking pictures with the authorities during the presentation of the Adria Tour.

How can this be? In which part of the world is this allowed?" Bertens' statements did not go unnoticed and several supporters criticized the attitude of the Serb on social media: the main considerations concerned the fact that a public figure of this importance and the number 1 of the world of a sport like tennis must lead by example in a dramatic situation all over the world.

The videos of the party at the Lafayette Cuisine Cabaret Club in Belgrade also attracted much criticism. Between dances and choirs, all of course, without respecting any social distancing or wearing masks and shared on social media.

It is not clear whether a basketball player, Nikola Jankovic, was also present at this party, who subsequently tested positive for a Covid-19 test on Monday morning. According several rumors, Janković was in contact with Djokovic in another event, an exhibition match a few days ago, for the farewell of a Serbian basketball coach, Milojevic, who left for the NBA.

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