Nick Kyrgios: 'Nobody cares about Marcelo Rios'

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Nick Kyrgios: 'Nobody cares about Marcelo Rios'

In the last few hours, the interview with former tennis player Marcelo Rios in a chat with Alex Corretja and Javier Frana caused a stir and sparking controversy. The former number 1 of the world has made interesting revelations, starting from his harsh relationship with Pete Sampras, up to the comment on the Big Three.

The Chilean praised both Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, but at the same time he defined the Swiss Maestro as the greatest of all time. Rios ended up at the center of the controversy a few weeks ago, when he said he agreed with the Philippine dictator is Rodrigo Duterte: "I don't know what kind of government this country has, but I'm sure that by killing the two guys who didn't respect the quarantine, nobody else would do it.

Attention, it is my personal thought: I think that when things get out of hand, you have to use a hard methods, "he said through his Instagram account. In the live podcast with Corretja and Frana, Rios recalled that tennis destroyed him both mentally and physically and then he also talked about current tennis.

Tennis that bores him: he does not see real characters, similar, for example to John McEnroe. The only one mentioned was Nick Kyrgios, but the Chilean did not use encouraging words: he defined the Australian as exaggerated and even a clown.

Nick Kyrgios' answer to Marcelo Rios criticism

Kyrgios' response was not long in coming. Here are his words: "Fantastic. Well, nobody cares about him anymore and so now he talks about me, I understand!" Also in this period Nick Kyrgios criticized the organizers of the US Open and the ATP for the realization of the American Slam.

He also attacked the ATP no.1 Andrea Gaudenti on his Twitter account. Nick recalled on social media that there are millions of people infected with the virus in the United States and that it would be wise to avoid playing the tournament in this situation.

Tennis has been stationary for over four months and will likely remain stationary until 31 July 2020. In any case, the ATP seems ready to resume the Game and yesterday the Governor of the State of New York made official that the US Open 2020 will be played without the crowd from 31 August to 13 September.

In the United States, Kyrgios has the third round achieved in several years as the best result at the Us Open: instead its best result in the Slam is represented by the Quarterfinals reached at the Australian Open.