Andrea Gaudenzi on the Tour resumption: It’s not going to be perfect from the outset

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Andrea Gaudenzi on the Tour resumption: It’s not going to be perfect from the outset

ATP Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi says ensuring the resumption of the tennis circuit creates a fair playing field will be very challenging given the current situation of the global crisis.

Andrea Gaudenzi on the resumption of the ATP circuit

In an interview to the ATP Tour website, Gaudenzi says he recognises the challenges that the resumption of the tour would create for players involved.

"One of the great things about our sport is that it is truly global and meritocratic, based on rankings. We all know how important the ATP Rankings are – it’s the fabric that essentially ties the whole tour together.

The impact of the pandemic challenges the essence of our Tour on many fronts – not only economically, but in terms of travel restrictions, quarantine etc. It’s not going to be perfect from the outset and it will take some time but it’s something we will continue to work on and try and ensure as fair and balanced outcome for everyone involved in terms of playing opportunities, prize money and the fairest way possible for the rankings to resume."

Gaudenzi also addressed the concern that many players in recent times felt on learning about several decisions from social media rather than directly from the tennis bodies. "We do our best to communicate decisions in an effective and timely way, keeping in mind that there are constraints and confidentiality requirements that must be respected in certain situations.

In today’s world of social media, information spreads very quickly. That can be both an opportunity and a challenge at the same time. At a certain point though, in order for a business to be run effectively, you cannot consult each player or tournament member on every item.

That’s where our governance structure needs to come into play, with the Councils and the Board, who are elected to represent their constituents, which is key to allowing us to be nimble." The Italian also says he hopes the tennis bodies will continue to work together in the time ahead to make the sport stronger.

"I think this pandemic has shown that tennis is stronger when we all work together and empower the respective boards, not only in the decision-making but right through to presenting a unified front as a sport. Tennis has enormous potential when its stakeholders work together and there will be a lot of upside if we can continue in that direction.

It shows more than ever that we need to look at our operations and ensure we’re investing in the right areas that have the most potential, particularly in technology, media and data, where I believe we have a lot of room for growth." The ATP Tour, which has been on hold since early March, is all set to resume in early August in the United States.