Sascha Zverev doesn't respect self-isolation and celebrates with his girlfriend


Sascha Zverev doesn't respect self-isolation and celebrates with his girlfriend

Alexander Zverev was one of the participants in the Adria Tour 2020, the charity itinerant tournament created by Novak Djokovic, which involved many stars of the Game. However, during the matches in Serbia and Croatia, the security protocols to protect themselves from the virus were not respected, and many protagonists were infected.

Among them Novak Djokovic and his wife Jelena, Nole's coach Goran Ivanisevic, Grigor Dimitrov, Borna Coric and Viktor Troicki. Many players have been harshly criticized: they have apologized and placed themselves in isolation.

Zverev also decided to isolate himself, although his swab was negative. After the cancellation of the Adria Tour and all the controversies that followed, Zverev shared a post on Twitter, where he announced his self-isolation: "I have just received the news that my team and I have tested negative for COVID-19.

I deeply apologize to anyone that I have potentially put at risk by playing this tour. I will proceed to follow the self-isolating guidelines advised by our doctors. As an added precaution, my team and I will continue with regular testing.

I wish everyone who has tested positive a speedy recovery. Stay safe. "

Alexander Zverev did not respect self-isolation

Unfortunately Zverev was surprised to celebrate again with his girlfriend, and when images and videos went viral, Zverev was severely criticized on social media.

The German champion finally decided to not respect his self-isolation, or to interrupt it very soon to allow himself a few moments of relaxation. In the meantime, he should be present at a tennis event in Berlin. Tournament director and German Fed Cup skipper Barbara Rittner commented: "When we host the tournament in mid-July, there will be a strict hygiene concept that we will co-ordinate with the Berlin Senate.

We will have around 1000 spectators at the Steffi Graf stadium and around 300 in the hangar at Tempelhof. It will be important to carefully observe all regulations and to test the players beforehand. This is one of the requirements.

" In 2020 Zverev reached the slam semifinal for the first time in the Australian Open, where he was defeated by Dominic Thiem in four sets. Then he partecipated ath the Adria Tiur, where was one of the stars chosen by Novan Djokovic for his event.

All we know what happened. Zverev should be one of the protagonists at the Westerns and Southern Open, at the US Open and at the French Open.

Sascha Zverev