Andrea Petkovic: The sport of tennis is a kind of representation of life

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Andrea Petkovic: The sport of tennis is a kind of representation of life

Former Top 10 player Andrea Petkovic, of Germany, says in spite of all her ups and downs, she loves the sport of tennis and owes the sport a lot.

Andrea Petkovic on her love for the sport of tennis

The 32 year old German was speaking in an interview to The Bild and says, "For me, tennis is a kind of representation of life: being lucky, unlucky, winning, losing, dealing with it, but still remaining collegial, making friends in an incredibly competitive environment.

That's why I love tennis so much and owe so much to this sport." The former World No. 9 has been working on television in recent months on German television and says she enjoys the work although it does not compare to compare tennis as a profession.

"It's more fun for me now, because I'm not completely sweaty before a show. I got a certain routine, can act a little more relaxed and know the colleagues very well. But there will never be anything that is like tennis to me.

Sport is so emotional, so adrenaline fueled, so many triumphs and defeats - you can never experience that again in any profession. But I didn't have these expectations either. It was clear that tennis is my life, but it will be over at some point."

When asked what question Petkovic, the journalist would ask Petkovic the athlete, the German's response came promptly. "What I like to ask other people: why are you doing this? Is there a purpose behind it? As a child, you don't make a conscious decision when you start playing tennis at the age of four."

Petkovic had earlier said she planned to retire at the end of the 2020 season but says she wants to compete at her home events in Berlin and Bad Homburg so will play a few tournaments next season as well as she does not want to end her career to due a knee injury and the coronavirus.

Andrea Petkovic reached the Top 10 in 2011 after reaching the quarterfinals of three Grand Slam events that year. She has won six WTA titles in her career, One of her big wins came at the season-ending tennis tournament WTA Tournament of Champions in 2014. She is currently ranked No. 87 in the world.