Vera Zvonareva on US Open: It’s a very difficult question for all players right now

Tennis - Zvonareva is a former World No. 2 from Russia

by Prakash
Vera Zvonareva on US Open: It’s a very difficult question for all players right now

Former World No. 2 Vera Zvonareva says winning the Olympics bronze medal match in Beijing remains one of her biggest achievements in tennis and also spoke about the delicate situation of playing the US Open in New York in August.

Vera Zvonerava on her Olympic medal and the upcoming US Open

Speaking to RT Sport, the Russian says that winning the bronze medal at the Olympics in Beijing was one of her biggest achievements. "One of the biggest victories for me is beating Li Na who is a Chinese super star.

I was playing against her for the bronze medal in Beijing. It was a very special win for me. You are waiting for Olympics, you go there and then you lose your semifinal. But you still have a chance to win a medal. So you lost the match, you are very disappointed, but you still have to go back the next day and try to get that bronze medal.

And if you don’t, you know you feel like you are finished fourth, but you have nothing. You fought so hard but at the end of the day you have nothing. I couldn’t sleep after my semifinal loss, but I still needed to go out there and compete.

I did my best, I played great tennis." The Russian also says that playing the US Open remains a difficult decision for most players in the current scenario as they need to consider the current health situation in the United States along with concerns about prize money and ranking points.

“I think it’s a very difficult question for all the tennis players at the moment. On the one hand everyone wants to compete and go, especially, you know playing in New York is always something special. But at the same time everyone is a little bit concerned about health situation, the measures that will be taken.

Everyone isn't yet sure if they are able to travel to the US at the moment because, there are not so many flights. Some people still get a visa to go to the US and you know some consulates are still closed. Of course there's a chance (of an outbreak).

When you have 256 singles players travelling from different parts of the world taking the planes with their team members. Plus there will be 128 doubles players. Of course it’s a high risk. Perhaps it’s a little bit early to have competitions, because tennis is very very international.

Players are now concerned about points and rankings. If they don’t play they will drop in the rankings in contrast to other players who will be able to play during that period." Vera Zvonareva is a former World No. 2. Her biggest achievements include winning the 2009 Indian Wells Masters, and reaching the final of the 2008 WTA Tour Championships, 2010 Wimbledon Championships, and 2010 US Open.

In doubles, she has won four Grand Slam title - two in women's doubles and two in mixed doubles. She returned to the circuit after becoming a mother and is currently ranked No. 268 in singles and No. 102 in singles.

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