Kristina Mladenovic may skip US Open if she does not get a visa to travel

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Kristina Mladenovic may skip US Open if she does not get a visa to travel

Frenchwoman Kristina Mladenovic says she may not be able to travel to the United States to compete in the US Open since she does not have a visa for that country currently.

Kristina Mladenovic says she still needs to get a visa to play the US Open

Speaking to L'Equipe, Mladenovic says, "I had decided to resume in New York (for the US Open).

But there is a very interesting parameter. I no longer have my ESTA visa and we are not being given it yet. So, I had to register in Palermo and Prague on clay. And if I don't get a visa with these travel restrictions, I'll fall back on the clay tour.

There are a lot of uncertainties." Mladenovic says she is taking it day by day at the moment for now and will take a call about travelling to the US Open in the days ahead depending on her getting a visa. "I don't even have a visa.

Usually it's something you get in a few hours. I want to believe that people are doing their best to keep everything going well. We see here, when we organize ourselves well, we tell ourselves that there is no fear. We hear negative things from the United States.

Let's live day by day. " Mladenovic is competing in the Elite FFT Challenge this week where she lost to Clara Burel on Monday, and defeated Chloé Paquet on Tuesday. She says it is good to play some matches again, although it does not have the same feeling of competing on the circuit.

"Such a long break, it never happened to me. It feels good to compete. I came with a calm state of mind, without expecting much in terms of level of play. It's different, it's not the circuit. I thank the federation for having put the means.

It's great, we have everything on site. They do their utmost to keep us safe. Although, it's a competition between local players, it's not Roland Garros, it's not the places that you dream about but we work. We all start from scratch, we adapt, we pick up the balls.

It's good that we're here." 27 year old Kristina Mladenovic has won 1 WTA singles and 21 WTA doubles titles on the tour. She is a former Top 10 player in singles and a former World No. 1 in doubles. She won the 2013 Wimbledon and 2014 Australian Open mixed doubles titles, the 2016 French Open women's doubles title, the 2018 Australian Open, the 2019 French Open, and the 2020 Australian Open women's doubles titles.