Naomi Osaka and sister's charity masks sell out

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Naomi Osaka and sister's charity masks sell out

Tennis - Former World No. 1 Naomi Osaka, of Japan, has said that the first batch of the masks she designed with her sister to benefit UNICEF's COVID-19 relief efforts have already sold out.

Naomi Osaka says she will work on another launch of the charity masks with her sister

In an update on her social media account, the Japanese player, a former World No.

1 says, "Hey everyone so the masks sold out 😱 I’m currently working on another launch geared towards international customers, (meaning everyone outside Japan), because I saw there was some confusion on how to order.

Thanks guys, love you 🤗❤️ I’ll keep you updated" Osaka and her sister Mari, who is also a professional tennis player, released an interview to VOGUE magazine about the inspiration behind the launch of the masks.

"I was seeing everyone in the U.S. wearing the same medical mask, and I remember in Japan even before this whole situation happened, everyone was wearing masks and they were quite fashionable. So I wanted to release a mask that wasn’t just for protection, but could also be used as a fashion statement”.

Mari Osaka added, “The idea came from Naomi at the beginning. I just kind of helped her with the design... I’m not sure why it’s now becoming a political thing to not wear the mask—we should all be wearing them, and so it might as well be fashionable and cute."

The Japanese superstar Osaka has been exploring her fashion talents over these recent months. In February, she debuted her first collection at New York Fashion Week, which she had designed in partnership with her sister and Hanako Maeda’s ADEAM fashion house.

Naomi Osaka is a former World No. 1 and is the first Asian player to hold the top ranking in singles. She has won five titles on the WTA Tour, including two Grand Slams and two Premier Mandatory titles.

Osaka won the 2018 US Open and the 2019 Australian Open Grand Slam titles. Earlier this year, she was named the highest-paid female athlete of all-time, having earned $37.4 million earned in total. She is currently ranked No. 10 in the world.