Julia Gorges to work with Raemon Sluiter on a trial basis

Tennis - Sluiter is the former coach of Dutchwoman Kiki Bertens

by Prakash
Julia Gorges to work with Raemon Sluiter on a trial basis

German tennis player Julia Görges says she will be working with Dutchman Raemon Sluiter, the former coach of Dutchwoman Kiki Bertens on a trial basis, starting in Berlin.

Julia Görges to work with Raemon Sluiter

Görges was working with Jens Gerlach until recently.

She will now start working with Sluiter and start their trial phase at the exhibition events in Berlin. Speaking to The Bild, Görges said, "We first agreed on a test phase. You have no security because you don't know when it will really start again.

We worked together for three days at the beginning of June and have been with him in the Netherlands for ten days now. This is not enough time to make a comprehensive assessment. We want to see how things are going in Berlin and then decide what to do next.

But I like his style. It is very factual and constructive. ” Speaking about her return to the courts, Gorges says, "For the body this is a huge change from 100 to zero. The travel life, match life, adrenaline, pressure, tension - everything gone.

I liked being at home for a long time without training. I didn't touch a racket at all for five weeks, then I did a lot of fitness and I've intensified tennis again for six weeks. As I said, I want to get to know Raemon as a coach at tournaments.

I also get match practice. The feeling for the rallies and continuing to play the points after serves is lost in a long break. You know that you definitely have two matches in Berlin, that's good." The German says she feels that the season should be cancelled and restarted in 2021 but she does understand that there are financial considerations for many players who are unable to earn income during the current shutdown.

"Because of the different travel regulations, you should end the season. Not everyone can travel to the tournaments, so it is unfair to keep playing. But of course there are financial reasons for many professionals that they have to play.

I can understand that too. Something fair never comes out. But the restart in the new year would be the fairest solution in my view." Julia Görges has won seven singles and five doubles titles on the WTA Tour. She reached the Top 10 for the first time in February 2018, and reached the semi-finals at the 2018 Wimbledon Championships.

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