Tsitsipas on Rune: I remember saying to my coach that here was something special

Tennis - Coach Patrick Mouratoglou says Rune can go very far in the future

by Prakash
Tsitsipas on Rune: I remember saying to my coach that here was something special

Patrick Mouratoglou and Stefanos Tsitsipas have said that Danish junior Holger Rune has tremendous potential and could be a top player in the coming years.

Patrick Mouratoglou and Stefanos Tsitsipas say Holger Rune has a birght future

According to the DR website, Rune trains at Mouratoglou's academy and says that the Danish junior has a very complete game and it would be difficult to put a ceiling on his abilities.

"He's very complete. It's hard to find a weakness in his game. He is extremely solid, very serious and very focused. If you ask me how far he can go, then I will not put a ceiling on him, because I do not think it is the right thing to do, but with the abilities he has, he can reach very far.

The most important thing for anyone who wants to be a top player is to develop weapons. If you do not develop weapons, you will not win grand slams." Meanwhile No. 6 Stefanos Tsitsipas, who also trains at Mouratoglou's academy and has practiced with Rune, says the Dane is something special.

"I met Holger three years ago. He came here to the academy and we trained together. I remember saying to my coach, Kerei Abakar, that here was something special. I do not say that often about players, but he caught my attention and I think we will see a lot from him in the near future.

There's nothing holding him back. He has everything it takes to become a top player and I will not be surprised if we see him in the top 10 in the future." Rune has begun transitioning to the professional circuit earlier this year prior to the tenins shutdown, which he has found tough but Tsitsipas says that it is an adjustment that all players need to make it.

"Now he has the chance to play against the big boys, which will be difficult in the beginning, but I am sure he will adapt and find his pattern and his rhythm. It is a very difficult leap between junior and senior. It takes adjustment to be ready for it." Holger Rune has been training at the Mouratoglou Academy since 2016.

In October last year, he achieved a career-high ITF juniors ranking of 1 in the world. He also won the 2019 French Open boys' singles title and the 2019 ITF Junior Finals. Last year, he became the 6th youngest player to win an ATP Challenger match in the 21st century.

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