ITF announces tours' restart in August

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ITF announces tours' restart in August

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) announced on Thursday that plans for the restarting of ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors, the ITF Seniors Tour, the UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Tour and the ITF Beach Tennis World Tour have been set in motion.

In its press release, the ITF also noted that the committee members of each tour had been involved in the restart’s planning process. The ITF Board has also granted its approval to the plans whose priority was safety and health concerns.

Road to ITF Tours' Restart in August

The ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors and the ITF Beach Tennis World Tour are expected to restart on 31st August 2020. The provisional calendars for these two tours will also be out in the days to come.

While no specific date has been assigned for the restarting of the ITF Seniors and the UNIQLO Wheelchair Tennis Tours, both tours’ committees have agreed that events in these tours will restart only on or after 31st August 2020.

Meanwhile, the ITF World Tennis Tour is scheduled to restart on 17th August 2020. Regarding the resuming of the ITF Tours, ITF President David Haggerty said, “We are pleased to be announcing steps towards a return to competitive tennis across all ITF tours.

This year has been a challenging one for all of us in the tennis world, and while we are all eager to resume the tours as soon as possible in order to restore playing and earning opportunities for players across the world, we must ensure that we take the appropriate steps to make events as safe as possible when they restart”.

Continuing, he added, “We remain in constant communication with our member National Associations and will continue to support event hosts as the tour resumption dates draw nearer”. Alongside these details, the ITF has also released detailed provisos for both tournaments and players.

These provisos include guidelines on clearance for playing, social distancing and medical consultation, among other requirements. Despite these measures put in place, the International Tennis Federation's (ITF) tours’ scheduling and their restart, however, primarily depends on how the Covid-19 pandemic evolves as the dates near.

On the main tour, tennis' first stop on its 2020 relaunch is going to be in the United States, culminating with the US Open before moving onto Europe, for a brief clay season that will also include the French Open.