Anna Kalinskaya and her recovery

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Anna Kalinskaya and her recovery

If almost all the players and members of the different teams who tested positive for Coronavirus after the events of the Adria Tour did not find any serious symptoms related to the disease, there are athletes who have gone much worse.

We are talking about Anna Kalinskaya, current number 112 of the WTA ranking and young promise of Russian tennis. The 22 years-old player ended up in the media's sights in recent months for some poison statements made about the end of the romance with Nick Kyrgios.

“We broke up and we are no longer friends. I understand his fans, but for me it's not nice and I'm not going to talk about him. A little respect for me too, please. You are not a bad boy, you are simply a bad person."

Kalinskaya heals from Coronavirus and sends an important message

Kalinskaya has returned to using social media, but this time to announce the end of his ordeal. The Russian told that she tested positive for Coronavirus about three weeks ago and that she experienced difficult but all in all manageable days.

She said: "Hi everyone. Updates on my conditions. I tested positive for Covid-19 three weeks ago. Fortunately my symptoms have been extremely manageable (headache, lack of smell, weakness in the body). I was in solitary confinement for 14 days.

A week ago I did two more tests and they were negative. Now I'm fine and I go back to training. Just a reminder for all people: if someone is sick around you, take a test even if you have no symptoms, put on the mask and wash your hands.

Think about others too. Stay healthy and safe." Meanwhile, Viktor Troicki, one of the tennis players who tested positive for the Adria Tour, speculated that he got infected well before his presence in Serbia. He said: "I think I contracted Coronavirus in India in February.

I lost the sense of taste and smell," said the Serbian on Sport Klub's Wish & Go podcast, who then told: "My wife was not feeling well and was very tired. He tested for Coronavirus because he was really sick.

If she hadn't tested positive, I probably wouldn't have gone through the swab because I wouldn't have suspected anything at all. I had no symptoms beyond the loss of taste and smell."

Hi everyone!

Life update-3 weeks ago I tested positive for covid-19. Grateful my symptoms have been extremely manageable (headache,no smell,weakness in the body).I was self quarantined for 14 days. 1 week ago I had 2 more tests and it was negative.

So far I’m feeling fine now and back to practice. Just a reminder for people: if someone is sick around you,please make a test,even if you don’t have any symptoms,wear a mask , wash your hands. Think about others.

Stay healthy and safe. 🙏🏽🤗😷

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