Grigor Dimitrov after his health crisis: "Some days I don't feel good at all..."

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Grigor Dimitrov after his health crisis: "Some days I don't feel good at all..."

It was back in June that Grigor Dimitrov ranked in the top 20 of the ATP tour had entered the Adria Tour established by the No. 1 player in the world Novak Djokovic. The coronavirus had spread worldwide three months earlier, cancelling and postponing most of the professional tennis circuit.

Dimitrov attended a party and played a match in Zadar but afterwards his health become progressively worse as he tested positive for COVID-19. Everyone sympathized with Dimitrov and after weeks passing there was a time that his agent Georgi Stoimenov had said "he no longer has any of the symptoms he had before.

He felt a little tired, but over time he got better...Grigor is fine. He is recovering gradually. " In the early stages the Bulgarian would say that "Some days I don't feel good at all..." The Adria Tour organizers, including Novak Djokovic came under discussion for having not went by strict guidelines for safety.

But the organizers emphasized that no health issues were compromised, yet fans and on social media was shown over thousands in the stands sitting close together with hardly any with masks. The entire tournament was cancelled and the Bulgarian flew back to his home in Monaco to get treatment and recuperate.

After Dimitrov fell ill, nearly five others became infected and tested positive including Djokovic and his wife. It took much rest and medication therapy for Dimitrov to feel better and he decided to test his skills and health he'd enter the UTS tournament at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy in Nice, France after a few months.

Upon entering the UTR tournaments, he was paired with France's Nicolas Mahut and displayed a strong competitive spirit as well as great skills and capacity in playing a great professional game. The eight career titles player didn't expect himself to do as well as he did in making a good comeback.

"That is special from Grigor Dimitrov, what a shot to start off the day," commentator Adam Fielder said on the Bulgarian's dynamic winning backhand pass. It was on a break Dimitrov admitted saying "I hadn't hit one of those in awhile.

It kind of made my day." He had played Mahut many times but in winning 3-1 at the Ultimate Tennis Showdown had given Dimitrov some hope and confidence that he can make a comeback on his health terms. When asked after his win how he feels he'd say "To be honest with you I felt up and health is the most important thing..."

He enjoyed being out there but justified that "this is just one part of our life" meaning as tennis players well know. He expressed on his health also that "Some days I have energy for a certain amount of time."

Dimitrov acknowledged his love for being out on court but yet he's realistic on his health temperaments. "For me I'm always very cautious...for someone that has gone through this, that you gotta respect it!" There is still some time left for the remaining tour and Dimitrov is apprehensive on how his health and performance will prevail. All he could say with honesty is that "Whatever's happening in the next months, will be delicate."