A Top-100 positive to the swab

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A Top-100 positive to the swab

2020 continues to be a harmful year for the whole world, mainly due to the coronavirus, the disase that has led to a global pandemic that has caused millions of deaths, millions of infections and a problematic situation that has caused various problems in the life of the entire globe, also in the world of sport.

Of course, tennis has not remained free of this virus and in recent months several tennis players have tested positive for the buffer and most of them have been forced to face a period of isolation and quarantine to prevent further spreading.

Among these, the case that has probably created the most sensation is the one related to the number 1 in the world Novak Djokovic: the Serbian player has been highly criticized for the organization of the Adria Tour, an exhibition tournament held between Serbia and Croatia without all the rules to be respected in the protocol safety just earlier in the summer.

During this tournament, beyond criticism, a small outbreak has thus been created with some of the best tennis players in the world positive for Coronavirus. Novak Djokovic tested positive with his wife Jelena Djokovic (luckily they both recovered) and his coach Goran Ivanisevic also tested positive.

Among the other tennis players, Serbian Viktor Troicki, Croatian Borna Coric and Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov have also tested positive: the first two didn't show any symptoms of the virus hile the Bulgarian really suffered and had several physical problems.

Yet another case of positivity to the virus for a Top-100 player

In the last few hours, Ecuadorian tennis player Gonzalo Escobar has also tested positive for Coronavirus. The South American tennis player is currently ranked number 69 in the ATP rankings in the doubles category.

Escobar decided to share the news through his social networks, explaining how he has tested positive during a routine check before participating in an exhibition tournament in his country. The tennis player represents an asymptomatic case and will immediately go in quarantine under medical supervision so that his positivity will be kept under control and the doctors will be able to check and monitor its development and evolution.

After Frances Tiafoe and Tomislav Brkic, this is yet another case of a tennis player who tested positive for the virus and in the coming weeks, in view of the resumption of the official ATP circuit, everything will be put under great control.