Marc Rosset on the difficult road ahead for tennis

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Marc Rosset on the difficult road ahead for tennis

Former Olympic gold medallist Marc Rosset says it is difficult to see the US Open taking place from his point of view and that tennis must learn to live with the virus for tournaments to survive.

Marc Rosset on the difficult situation faced by tennis authorities

Speaking to RTS Sport, Rosset says, "This situation is complicated.

Are we doing too much? It is not for me to say it, but there is no visibility on the continuation. When we look at what is happening in the U.S. with the Covid-19, it seems difficult to see the US Open take place. If I take Geneva, where I live, I see that authorities are closing things again, but if I go out into the street, I see that it is not the end of the world either.

We are not in New York, we cannot know how people live and if the US Open can really be held. But from here, it seems difficult to me." Rosset also says he understands the different views of players when it comes to playing the US Open and if he was still playing, his decision to compete in New York would depend on what stage of his career he was in.

"With the conditions announced spending more than two weeks in a hotel and only going out to play, I would not have done so. Not for a health issue, but simply because I would not have liked at all. At age of 28 or 29, I would not have gone there ...

But, if I was 19-20 years and I had to play my first Grand Slam there, maybe I would think differently." Rosset added that while it is difficult for him to see what the situation would be in the coming months, he does acknowledge that he is not sure how the sport would survive if it does not learn to live with the virus.

"Even at the end of September, beginning of October, we do not know what will happen. See what is happening today in Melbourne, which is in the middle of winter and is seeing the situation deteriorate. Will there really be an Australian Open in 2021? Frankly, I do not see how the tournaments, those from the Grand Slams to the smaller ones, will be able to come out of it if tennis does not manage to live with this virus."

. 49 year old Marc Rosset won the men's singles gold medal at the 1992 Olympic Games. He also won the French Open doubles title in 1992 with countryman Jakob Hlasek. In singles, he reached No. 9 in the world and won 15 ATP singles titles.