Former Grand Slam doubles champ & partner of Althea Gibson, Angela Buxton passes away

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Former Grand Slam doubles champ & partner of Althea Gibson, Angela Buxton passes away

Angela Buxton, a former doubles Grand Slam doubles champion and a former doubles partner of Althea Gibson, has passed away at the age of 85.

Angela Buxton, a former Grand Slam doubles champion, passed away at the age of 85.

Angela Buxton, born in August 1934, was a British tennis player.

She won the women's doubles title at both the French Championships and Wimbledon in 1956 with partner Althea Gibson. Buxton, who was born in LIverpool, Great Britain and whose grandparents on both sides were Jewish, was an early pioneer of equal rights in the community.

According to the ITF website, Buxton was the first British-Jewish player to win a title at Wimbledon. In 1956, she also reached became the first British woman in 17 years to reach the ladies' singles final at Wimbledon, and lost to to American Shirley Fry in the final.

Buxton’s career came to an early end due to a hand injury and she retired at the age of 22 at the end of the 1957 season. She was among the first athletes to be inducted into the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in 1981, and also wrote several tennis books, such as Tackle Tennis This Way, Starting Tennis, and Winning Tennis and Doubles Tactics.

She was inducted into the Black Tennis Hall of Fame in 2015 Billie Jean King and Katrina Adams took to social media to pay tribute to the former champion. Billie Jean King, a former World No. 1 and one of the founding members of the WTA Tour, "Saddened to hear of the passing of British tennis player Angela Buxton, friend and doubles partner of Althea Gibson.

It was wonderful to spend time with her and hear her words about Althea at the unveiling of her statue (at the US Open) last year. Rest In Peace to a true champion”. Katrina Adams, a former player, tennis administrator and champion of equal rights, commented, “My condolences to the family and friends of Angela Buxton after her passing August 14, 2020.

She was laid to rest today. Angela was a British tennis player who championed the friendship and support of Althea Gibson when no one else would, in a racist era in our sport in the 1950s. Rest in peace”. Buxton passed away on 15 August 2020. May her soul rest in peace!! (Inputs from the International Tennis Federation website and Wikipedia)