Toni Kroos: Roger Federer is super easy to talk to and joyful

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Toni Kroos: Roger Federer is super easy to talk to and joyful

Real Madrid and German football star Toni Kroos has spoken about his admiration for Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer in the past. Now, appearing on the German podcast "Einfach mal Luppen", Toni Kroos recalled his first meeting with the Swiss tennis legend which took place at the 2015 Wimbledon Championships.

Kroos says he was in London during the 2015 Wimbledon Championships and his friend had organized tickets for him to watch Federer play on the Center Court at the All England Club.

Toni Kroos says Roger Federer is someone who is super easy to talk to and joyful

"Anyway, I met Roger Federer in 2015 at Wimbledon that was after our wedding, it is in my wedding time I will never forget.

I was travelling London without children for 2-3 days to London and I promise Jessi (Kroos' wife) we will go shopping a little bit then, London that was definitely the plan. Now we arrived and of course I knew there were no tickets or anything," "Well in any case we arrive, and I had a friend who had played professionally, and they had organized tickets for us, so I drove from the airport to the tennis facility and watched Roger on the center court."

Kroos also said that he managed to get to meet Federer during that time as well and found that the Swiss is a very easy person to talk to and they also connected over football. "It was special to me, it was the first time I met Roger Federer.

I have to honestly say I forgot myself, I forgot Toni Kroos, because I was really a bit nervous. That was always one of the things. I was happy at first, not that it was not nice. I was looking forward to it because I thought he was relatively closer to me.

Like a preview of the meeting for me. He comes across as someone who is super easy to talk to and joyful. Afterwards, I got to know he is a Basel fan, and he was a very, very big football fan and very interested. He was really very nice and very personable, since then we have met three of four times in Madrid, last of it being in London."

The 30 year old Toni Kroos is considered to be among the best midfielders in the world. Roger Federer is currently recovering from a knee injury that will see him skip the rest of the 2020 season. He is slated to return to the circuit in 2021..