Nike came back to the eccentricity of Agassi's outfit!

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Nike came back to the eccentricity of Agassi's outfit!

Over time, fashion has become a real social phenomenon. Choosing what to wear every day represents an expression of values, status and identity. A particular item of clothing expresses a very specific meaning, acquires the value of a means through which to express one's freedom and one's way of thinking about life.

The world of tennis, over the years, has seen many things change from this point of view, but it has also been invested by the importance of dress code. In 1900, men mostly wore cotton shorts and T-shirts, while women's choice consistently fell on ankle-length trousers, long-sleeved shirts and high-necks.

Suzanne Lenglen becomes the symbol of the revolution in 1920: she is the first woman to take the field with a skirt above the calf. In the men's field, it is Renè Lacoste and Fred Perry who steal the show with their innovative polo shirts, wide collar and short sleeves.

Fashion and tennis: Nike come back to the Agassi's outfits style

From the 1936 Berlin Olympics, things began to change: sportswear became casual and brands finally produced sportswear designed for the general public.

In 1949, Gussie Moran entered the eye of the storm for a skirt considered excessively short, but in reality she was only anticipating a fashion that had become normal in the following decade. It was then up to Sergio Tacchini, in the 1960s, to introduce color into the uniforms of tennis players.

The World Championship took a few more years to definitively authorize men to wear colored shirts, finally giving the green light to the imagination and style of the most iconic players. In this period, we remember the famous red T-shirt by Adriano Panatta, the bands of John McEnroe and the stripes of the legendary Bjorn Borg.

Andre Agassi subsequently becomes unique in the fashion-tennis binomial. From the earrings to the thick two-tone hair, which turned out to be a hairpiece, to the extravagant colorful dresses and unusual jeans. In recent times, we have also witnessed the elegance of Roger Federer, the eccentricity of the Williams sisters and the sleeveless vest of Rafael Nadal.

Nike, on the occasion of the restart of tennis, however, wanted to relaunch the Agassi style through its athletes. Innovation linked to a past that fans always remember with great affection. Thus Denis Shapovalov, Felix Auger-Aliassime, Victoria Azarenka and company took the field with eccentric suits capable of going back in time and remaining contemporary at the same time.

The choice of Nike was so appreciated by enthusiasts that most of the models produced have already been sold all over the world.