Will Daniil Medvedev break his chain of misfortune at tour's end?

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Will Daniil Medvedev break his chain of misfortune at tour's end?

"What should I do to win a point? I'm asking for help. I really am," No. 4 ranked Daniil Medvedev pleaded to whomever would listen on court. Roland Garros appears to hold some form of stigma for the Russian who wishes it would be broken like yesterday.

He wasn't gotten pass the first round in all three meetings at the Paris grand slam and this time unfortunately wasn't any different. But at slams, players are on their own to straighten out any shotmaking dilemmas they would have on court.

He'd gotten punished for racquet abuse with a penalty point given and then a code violation. It was from there the situation was one big roller coaster in emotions and playing style. Medvedev's opponent at his fourth French Open, first round was Marton Fucsovics from Hungary who's track record wasn't that splendored either.

He'd made it to the third round of the U.S. Open and just the Round of 16 at the Cincinnati Masters housed inside of the home of the U.S. Open. But the Russian was clearly in emotional and performance distress not knowing how to climb out of that playing funk.

Marton Fucsovics was clearly the one having a bit more power and domination in the match lasting over three hours as he broke serve six times with Medvedev making 51 unforced errors. "It's one of my biggest wins tonight...First time I beat a top-10 player, especially in a Grand Slam.

I really wanted to show that I'm a very good player," Fucsovics smilingly said to the Roland Garros media. But on the other side of the net, Medvedev was struggling with a huge loss of 4-6, 6-7, 6-2, 1-6 to him.

What a difference a year makes.

Last year's U.S.

Open, Medvedev made it to the final. He won Cincinnati and Shanghai. The Russian's game was sizzling. But now things have fizzled and like a bad cold, it all seems to have to run its course. Daniil Medvedev most likely is wondering what kind of course and for how long will this losing streak last plus when or where will it be over? There's no telling how things will evolve but as it came and with playing more, it should just go away and old winning Medvedev will have his victories come back again.