Rafael Nadal wins but Jannik Sinner is the rising star

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Rafael Nadal wins but Jannik Sinner is the rising star

Jannik Sinner's great run in his first quarterfinals of a slam ended with a Rafael Nadal win of 7-6, 6-4, 6-1 but it's only the beginning for the Italian teen out of San Candido, Italy. "You go on court with the right mindset in playing against him.

I don't watch about records...of course you want to win," Jannik Sinner says about his playing and loss to Rafael Nadal. But the young Italian keeps optimistic on how far he has come and yet how far he has to go to sharpen his skills resulting in victories.

In tournaments this year, Sinner has been a trooper proving his worth not only to others but to himself, He's defeated Alexander Zverev, David Goffin twice and Frances Tiafoe among other noteworthy top hitters in the game.

He enjoys the fact that he was able to go deep at Roland Garros. "I think I've never been in dougt about being a good tennis player," Sinner has emphasized at interviews. Despite sill not out of his teens he takes his wins and losses with a fine grain saying "I'm trying to improve, trying to play hours after hours what I need to do..."

It was the opening set that Sinner went up 6-5 breaking Nadal's serve.

The Spaniard did his own breaking through and pushed the tiebreak, winning the first set which took a bit over an hour. The second set Sinner had led 3-1 and felt encourage that he was making some impact on a set to win.

It was wishful thinking because Nadal's mental capacities held tough, coming up to lead 5-4 and soon captured the 2nd set 6-4. It was the last one that Sinner could physically and mentally feel the match slipping away as Nadal would just crush the teen's strokes bit by bit to win the final set 6-1 and the quarterfinal round.

Nadal's evaluation of the match gave all kudos to the 19-year-old saying "Sinner is a very, very young talent with a lot of power, great shots. The conditions here were little bit difficult because he was hitting every ball very hard...For me it was difficult to pull him out of the position."

Jannik Sinner is continuing to prove himself a threat on the ATP tour and Nadal considered himself luky enough to win. "I think in the third set, I did it much better and I finished being much more aggressive. That's the only way.

So, I'm very happy to be in the semifinals again in Roland Garros." The Spaniard as well as the young Italian have learned some lessons to not take any player or match for granted. Jannik Sinner knows he has work to do and emphasizes about himself saying "I'm a person that looks not in the future and not in the past, always in the present. I have a great team behind me."