Genie Bouchard’s new boyfriend? Pittsburgh QB Mason Rudolph

Tennis - Bouchard’s famous Superbowl date may become a movie

by Claudiu Pop
Genie Bouchard’s new boyfriend? Pittsburgh QB Mason Rudolph

Canadian tennis star Genie Bouchard reportedly dates NFL quarterback Mason Rudolph. According to TMZ Sports, the Canadian player and Steelers’ QB scheduled a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant in Pittsburgh. The date happened this week and Bouchard even posted a picture of the event, which was presumably taken by Mason himself.

The Canadian first racket captioned the photo: “Pitt stop”.

Note that Mason Rudolph liked Genie’s post.

Bouchard’s famous Superbowl date could become a movie

Genie Bouchard seems naturally attracted to American football. Her famous 2017 Superbowl date with a Twitter user, John Goehrke, was the result of a bet revolving around the high-stake clash between Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots.

Genie and John went out on for a few dates after that final as well and even attended the 2018 Super Bowl together. Earlier this year, it was also reported that Fox 2000 had picked up the rights of the film based on the event and Bouchard has been working with the team on the same as well.

As per the website, Bouchard said, "We went to so many meetings in L.A. and things like that. So I was kind of involved in the process. Obviously, it's more credible and things like that. It really happened to me and to make it as kind of realistic as possible.

We have a script. They're going to start trying to get actors attached to it. I can't believe this is real. They want to make a movie about something that happened to me. I'm just in shock." The Canadian added that progress on the movie has slowed down due to the pandemic that has taken place globally this year and there is no fixed release date.

Will her new romantic adventure have a place in the movie? Is this just a fling or do the two athletes consider a serious relationship? Let’s stay sharp on any clues left by the rumored couple and see what is next for them.

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