Stefanos Tsitsipas hurt: Could injury put the brakes on his touring?

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Stefanos Tsitsipas hurt: Could injury put the brakes on his touring?

"Unfortunately I had a minor injury in my leg, but I've had an MRI and examined it thoroughly...I decided to withdraw from St. Petersburg, take a week off and prepare for Vienna," Stefanos tsitsipas commented on his condition.

At first it was thought to be cramping had by many players. But it was during the semifinal match against Novak Djokovic at the French Open that his recurring injury started to bother him. Yet it proved more serious. Test shown it tot be an edema of the psosas (back of the leg) muscle.

It was a thriller of a match which strained the 22-year-old Greek.

It was his mistake to let the two sets slip away helplessly wearing on his mental and physical health. He'd come from two sets down and saved a match point in the 3rd set.

He'd struggled and won the set at 7-5 as well as the 4th, 6-4. The Greek thought he had Djokovic on the thralls of defeat but with the injury bearing on him, he couldn't put forth any meaningful performance. "..Towards the end of the match an injury came back...It was difficult to close the match in a fighting way, in a fighting spirit," Tsitsipas had sadly said.

He not only lost the semifinal but now the remaining season is in jeopardy for the determined Greek. He has withdrawn from the St. Petersbur event and possibly his play at Vienna is in jeopardy. He so much wants to be in the Rolex Paris Masters of which he has just qualified to come later in October.

Close to the last tournament is the ATP 1000 in Paris. He is the defending champ and hopes to make this his end of season challenge. "I'm so pumped to have the opportunity to defend my title there," he excitingly said.

But the Greek has quite a lot on his racket with a small amount of time to heal from his leg injury and have great performances at events. Now choosing which tournaments are vital to be in and how his lege will respond to treatment is questionable.

Looking back at his performance with the Djokovic match, Tsitsipas had said "I feel, I can say, happy and at the same time, sad...could have been abetter result for me today." But the Serb had overpowered the young Greek gave kudos to him saying "It was difficult...playing him.

I think of the most difficult opponents I've faced in my entire life. I have huge respect for that." Stefanos Tsitsipas had a bit of a pity party on himself saying "I wish I could have figued out certain things earlier...I felt like it was a total demolition...I wish I could have figured out several things earlier...I felt like it was a total demolition..."

He is learning from the good and the bad of tournament play. He is presently wishing for the therapy to help heal his leg in time to defend his title at the Nitto ATP finals in London and to end the year successfully.