Federer biographer said Roger's son looks promising in...

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Federer biographer said Roger's son looks promising in...

Although Roger Federer (40 years old on 8 August) has not yet explicitly talked about his retirement from tennis and although many now think that 2021 could represent his last year on the Tour, it seems that his surname is not destined in the future to dwell only in books, but may even find space for many more years in the world of sport.

In the famous biography written by the Swiss journalist Simon Graf, it is told of how another Federer, younger, will be able to make his way into the sports scene by occupying that scene that Roger still monopolizes today but which in the future he will be forced to abandon.

However, we are not talking about tennis, but about skiing, and the new Federer to whom Graf refers is his son Leo. A new Roger Federer may really be on the horizon? In fact, in an excerpt from the book, the writer writes about the great passion of the child (just 6 years old) for skiing and the good results already obtained at an early age that suggest how the sporting legacy of the Federer family can also permeate the new generations.

Roger and Mirka have greatly encouraged Leo's progress, recognizing in him skills that are certainly superior to their twin Lenny. Furthermore, the residence in Valbella, where Roger lives, has always been a very popular place for skiing, as indeed many locations in Switzerland, which has always been a country with a great skiing tradition (Federer himself loves skiing a lot).

Last in an interview, Federer also revealed that only one of his four children is interested in tennis, while all four have always been on the slopes. Roger has never denied however that he would be thrilled if one of his children becomes a professional tennis player, however he has also always admitted that he will support them whatever direction they decide to take.

Roger in the meantime has recently started training again, although the return to competitions is scheduled, barring surprises, for January, when the Swiss will try to surprise the world of tennis for the umpteenth time, starting from Melbourne, where in 2017 he conquered the his 18th slam leaving everyone speechless. Waiting for her son Leo, Roger's star is ready to shine again.