Rafael Nadal himself prepares clay court for other players

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Rafael Nadal himself prepares clay court for other players

Tennis: Former world number one Rafael Nadal is not only one of the best tennis players of all time but he is also one of the most modest of all. Most of the readers would be surprised to know that after practicing at the tennis club in Mallorca, the 11-time Grand Slam winner prepares them himself for the next players.

The seven-time French Open winner is practicing for the coming clay court season at his home town these days. Nadal recently uploaded a picture on his facebook page, in which he could be seen sweeping the clay court with a lute-scarifier.

The Spaniard wrote this caption under the picture, “After practicing it's time to let the court in good shape for the next players.” Nadal is setting an example for the junior tennis stars. Younsgters can learn a lesson from this that they should always stay on earth whatever their achievements be.

The Spaniard has earned huge success throughout his tennis career but he always been so humble with other players on the ATP Tour, media people, fans etc. We can judge the level of Nadal's modesty from the fact that he has beaten 17-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer in most of their meetings, having a 19-10 head to head record, but whenever he is asked about the Swiss Maestro by media persons, the Spaniard always says that Federer is the greatest tennis player of all-time.