Nick Kyrgios reveals his mysteries

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Nick Kyrgios reveals his mysteries

Nick Kyrgios is popular as "The bad boy of tennis." He is not actually bad and can make the whole crowd cheer for him both on the court and out of the court. He revealed his mysteries and has been spreading love among the people around him.

The lifesaver has been quietly helping the people through Australia's summer of hell and the coronavirus. He had been doing good deeds and donating his own earned income among the needy. Australia April, during the global health crisis Kyrgios, made a call out on social media offering to deliver any food to those in need.

Kyrgios even held the arm back in January when Australia was battling the fires; he announced to donate $200 for every ace he hit over the season. And resulted in just over $60,000. How he was recognized, he noticed: "It's more than the public in Australia was starting to understand what I was about, rather than just tennis," he said.

What has changed for Nick Kyrgios?

He also created the NK Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing sports facilities to underprivileged and disadvantaged kids in Melbourne. Kyrgios, 25-year-old, formulated NK Foundation for providing sports facilities in Melbourne to underprivileged and disadvantaged kids.

His simplicity is depicted from his acts. He has earned a million dollars even then; he loves to stay and sleep in the same compartment where he grew up. Sharing his period of depression when he lost his interest in tennis.

He felt he is just known as an icon, his individuality, and was faded away. he said "I felt like no-one wanted to know me as a person, they just wanted to get a hold of me as a tennis player and use me. I didn't feel like I could trust anyone.

It was a lonely, dark place. And things came from that." He has now come up with a complete change and he's working on a different approach. This approach meant Nick Kyrgios would act as his command would determine his own training schedule.

For that, he faced a mess of criticism. "I know my tennis career will come to an end, and I'm OK with that. I'm not going to say I could have worked harder, played more tournaments, done this or that. I love being at home with my family and my girlfriend, and working with my foundation and helping the community. There are plenty of other things I love doing."