ATP takes position on the Zverev-Sharypova's case!

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ATP takes position on the Zverev-Sharypova's case!

ATP expressed about the very controversial and thorny case involving Alexander Zverev and his former girlfirend Olga Sharypova. Between shocking revelations and poisoned statements, the two protagonists of the story are accusing each other of incorrect and violent behaviors, which are shaking the world of sport.

Here is the position of ATP: "ATP condemns all forms of violence or abuse. We expect all our affiliates to do so too and refrain from engaging in abuses and violent behavior that jeopardizes the safety of other people.

In the event that the allegations are formalized, investigations take place and there is a fair trial, we will make our assessments and make decisions on the matter. Otherwise, we reserve the right not to comment on the allegations."

Considering that Sharypova has so far seemed reluctant to formalize her accusations, it is difficult to think that there could be sanctions against Zverev by ATP or other judicial bodies.

The allegations between Zverev and Sharypova

Over the past few weeks, Olya Sharypova has publicly accused Alexander Zverev of psychologically and physically abusing her during their relationship.

We have to remember that Sharypova, about what happened in New York, said: "Some employees saw the fear in my eyes, even helped me to avoid Sascha who was looking for me throughout the hotel. I believe there will certainly be records of all of this.

At one point he confiscated my passport and did not want me to leave, I was constantly depressed and he realized that he had control over me. At the umpteenth fight he punched me and I was really dead inside, I didn't understand anything and I tried to commit suicide.

I took the insulin and injected it into me. That period was excruciating, I was in bed for 3 days until I recovered. I want the women who are going through this not to suffer what I have been through, I just want to help. " "These allegations are totally unfounded, they are not true," explained Zverev explained, who then said: "Olya and I have had our ups and downs, but the way our relationship has been publicly described is not true.

I am not like that , this is not how my parents raised me and I am not that person that is described. London? We are all here to play tennis. I really just want to play. These days, as you all know, the attention towards me has shifted to non-sporting issues.

Many have asked me why I kept my mouth shut and said nothing. Although I am very sorry that these allegations have been raised, I must continue to support my initial statement. These allegations are unfounded and false. It makes me sad to know that they manage to have such a strong impact on the world of sport, on the outside and even on me.

I'm sorry that tennis has stopped being the focus, because we are here to play. " Coming back to tennis, Zverev then analyzed his group and chose the most complicated opponent he will find in his path, namely Novak Djokovic.

"Novak is a great player on any surface. It is very difficult to beat. When I won the Finals I had to face him twice: the first I lost, the second I won. He is definitely the favorite of our group. To beat him you have to do your best and be continuous. "