Can Bianca Andreescu survive the challenges 2021 may bring?

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Can Bianca Andreescu survive the challenges 2021 may bring?

"I'm perfectly healthy. I just really wanted to take time to build everything in my life..." a more mature Bianca Andreescu commented to the Tennis Major website. The Canadian couldn't believe that last year her career would take off to produce so much success and that it seemed like a fairytale.

of capturing titles and gaining extraordinary skills defeating her opponents no matter their rankings. Unfortunately a knee injury sustained at the WTA Finals in China last season gave Andreescu the grim reality of a professional tennis player's life.

She was unable to play after that and was glad to have won Indian Wells, the Rogers Cup in her home country and her first grand slam, the U.S. Open. She'd also become the first Canadian to win a singles Grand Slam. After that she looked forward to a new and refreshing season which didn't happen.

This 2020 season was disastrous in terms of the world health crisis and Andreescu sitting by helplessly rehabbing and trying to get in shape for a tour, plagued with cancellations and postponents. The entire year she called it 'a miss' partly afraid of re-injuring her delicate knee and possibly contracting the coronavirus, which spread rampant throughout the country.

"I realize the unforeseen challenges, including the COVID pandemic, have compromised my ability to prepare and my highest level." Andreescu became sincere and straightforward about not participating at tournaments that were rescheduled.

She wasn't able to defend any of her titles at Indian Wells, Toronto or the U.S. Open and commented on the New York event saying "I miss not being there." The 2020 tour has ended and a bright new beginning awaits her as she trains for the 2021 season.

Will it be difficult? Most likely. Players that had no injury missed nearly 7 months of not competing and found winning to be a struggle. What a difference a year will make to Bianca Andreescu. She optimistically says that "I think this time off really helped me..."

It gave her rest, time to rehab completely and review other players who may be a competitor to her in the next season.

"I'm really looking forward to 2021," Andreescu smilingly said.

It will be a pleasure to see her back.

Hoepfully the Pandemic won't be the serious problem it has been and to compromise having a full touring time. If it is still present, the Canadian will have to, for the first time deal with competing in 'a bubble'

She will have to make sure she puts in proper training to bring her 'A' game to the court. Bianca has missed the entire year and will have to be ready for any opponent with her strategies and tactics to result in success.

She will also participate for the first time to test out her rehabbed knee. These are the challenges and she'll know it will be a time to toughen up and be ready for anything.