Zverev's parents against Sharypova: "She was always a party girl"

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Zverev's parents against Sharypova: "She was always a party girl"

The story between Alexander Zverev and his former girlfriend Olga Sharipova is enriched with new details, which are making the story grotesque and cloying. Undoubtedly it was a particular year for the German, who on the court confirmed himself at high levels, as evidenced by the first Slam final won at the US Open, but at the same time the German seemed to lack the leap in quality to reach the peaks of the ranking.

It was a particular year, beyond the pandemic, for Sascha, especially for the bad story that has involved him in recent months. His former-girlfriend, Olga Sharypova, has accused the world's number 6 of domestic violence, bringing serious accusations against Zverev.

We recall some of her statements to a Russian newspaper: "I state that I have proof of everything he said and did to me. He hit me for the first time in Munich, we had a fight and he hit me with my head against the wall.

I collapsed to the ground and even he then got scared, in the Maldives I remember we were with his friends and he humiliated me continuously, in addition to physical violence there was also a lot of mental violence. Then if I wanted to end the relationship he continued to contact me and in case he also contacted my friends."

Zverev's parents and the words about Olga Sharypova

After months of controversy and interventions by family and friends on both sides, this time it is the parents of Alexander Zverev who have told their version of events to Go Tennis microphones.

Here are their words: "Obviously, every mother wants the best for her child. When I met Olga for the first time I explained some things we did in the family, but she struggled to accept them. In general she always appeared as a restless girl and unbalanced."

The father also commented and he said: "It was clear that he lived a lifestyle very different from that of my son, Sascha was disciplined and she was a party girl. I remember that two months after they broke up, she called him back.

and asked him to give him a new chance. Andy Murray also spoke on the matter and openly criticized the timing of the ATP. Furthermore, the Scotsman expressed his discontent that tennis has no internal regulations for this proglema and lacks all the necessary rules.

Murray continued with the following statements: "I don't know how long it took for the ATP to comment on the story, but certainly no immediate comment came. I have read several things about it, but what is obvious is that tennis has no domestic violence policy.

We as a sport should examine this situation, so the ATP knows what it has to do but it must be more active in such situations, we must take this more seriously and I hope that everything will be clarified in the coming months."