Gordon Reid thanks Roger Federer and UNIQLO for RF caps

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Gordon Reid thanks Roger Federer and UNIQLO for RF caps

Gordon Reid is a professional wheelchair Tennis player. The 29-year-old Briton is ranked 4th in the world in singles and no. 1 in doubles. He got fame by winning a Paralympic gold and by winning two singles Grand Slams. Like Roger Federer, Reid is also a Uniqlo ambassador and the MBE recently received a gift from the company and Federer in the form of a couple of RF caps.

The long wait of Roger Federer fans is over now as UNIQLO brought back the RF caps to the market. Gordon Reid is one of those who got it first and thanked Roger Federer and UNIQLO for it.

Gordon Reid gets the long-awaited Roger Federer (RF) caps

Recently, UNIQLO appointed Gordon Reid as the company's global brand ambassador.

Discussing Reid's ambassadorship, Tadashi Yanai, Chairman, President, and CEO of the UNIQLO said, "We are delighted that Mr. Reid joins us as the newest UNIQLO global brand ambassador. Mr. Reid is a champion of great resilience and human character, overcoming adversity to triumph at the highest level of his sport."

Moreover, he said, "These are exactly the values we look for in our brand ambassadors, so it will be a great honor to see him compete in UNIQLO apparel at Wimbledon, where he made history as its first-ever men's singles wheelchair champion"

In his tweet, Gordon Reid thanked Roger Federer and UNIQLO for the gift. In his gift, there were two RF caps in two colors. He remarked by saying, "Blue and white is my favourite" The new RF hats came into the market on December 8, 2020.

Well, maybe the date was chosen because 8 is Roger Federer's favorite number and also his date of birth (8th August, 1981). Federer fans all around the world were waiting for this day, this was the reason that it quickly went out of stock the first day it hit the market in the countries where it was launched.

However, Gordon Reid has got his ones in blue and white color. Gordon Reid was more than just happy for the gift he received from UNIQLO and Roger Federer. Thus, tweeted for his fans to share his joy with them. Reid is also among the many who received the RF caps. Recently Swiss skier Andri Raglettli also received a similar gift.