White House Tennis court: controversy around Melania Trump!

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White House Tennis court: controversy around Melania Trump!

2020 was a horrible year for all of us. The advent of the pandemic has destroyed all people's certainties and still today no one knows for sure when it will end. The world of tennis and sport in general has been affected by everything that has happened and many great events, first and foremost the Olympic Games were first postponed and then permanently moved to next year.

Even in the United States, the country probably with the most infections and deaths in the world, the situation is not easy at all, there is criticism for a pandemic that does not cease to end. In the middle there are also the controversy over the US elections where the now almost former President Donald Trump does not accept the defeat in the elections with the victory by Democrat Joe Biden.

Criticism to Melania Trump for the new initiative

Controversy not only for Donald, but also now for his wife Melania Trump. The now former First Lady has recently inaugurated the new tennis pavilion with a new tennis court in the White House.

The works of this pavilion began towards 2019 and through a press release published on social media Melania Trump reported: "I am happy to announce the completion of the structure. I hope that this private space can serve as a place for leisure and as a place to d ' meeting for the families of the presidents of the future."

Given the historic moment, the social post and the message launched by Melania was heavily criticized and few people appreciated the gesture of Donald Trump's wife. With a pandemic with almost 300 thousand dead in the country it was considered absurd to publish such a thing and everyone was quite perplexed.

Donald Trump and his wife Melania are great tennis fans and over the years they have been spotted several times in the stands to attend some of their favorite matches. Here is the post where the message of the much-criticized former First Lady is revealed:

We told you some days ago how the country's government helps the Australian Open 2021: government of Victoria should give financial support and coverage transport and accommodation for players and staff.

A five-hour daily training window, including on-court and gym preparation and meal times. Players will need to stay in their room for the rest of the day a negative swab performed two days before departure for Australia, which will be followed by another five during the 14 days of quarantine.

Local administration will take care of their travel to and from the clubs, Melbourne Park and the Albert Reserve Tennis Center Tim Pallas said: "The Australian Open is of vital importance for our sports programming, and it is equally important to Tennis Australia and its sustainability.

For this reason, we are aware of the need to discuss with them what is the right recognition for the effort they are making to organize the event. I have made it clear that I expect something in return for the state of Victoria under these agreements.

We are working to assist Tennis Australia in organizing this great sporting event: essentially there will be a cost for the state and one for the tennis federation by virtue of the time shift; we will be happy to support the safe conduct of the tournament "

There is optimism about the possibility to have the event run at a reduced capacity of crowd. We have to recall that the Australian Open 2021 is going to be played in February. We have to wait only the official confirmation from the Australian Open and the government of Victoria.

The tournament should be played from 8 February 2021, according by L'Equipe.We are now used to living with a new normal. Absolutely valid speech also for the tennis world, which between August and November managed at least to group two Grand Slams, two ATP Masters 1000s and the ATP Finals.

That is why after the speculations of the last few weeks, and the specter of cancellation, more than positive information can be drawn from Craig Tiley's note. The CEO of Tennis Australia has in fact spoken of details to be defined in view of the Slam downunder that almost certainly will not be played on the dates originally scheduled (18-31 January).

"Obviously we are also in constant contact with the ATP, WTA, players and their teams to evaluate how a safe training program can be reconciled with the quarantine conditions proposed by the local government," he explained very clearly.

Probably the 8 of the second month of the season could be a day in which the organizers could think about a start. "Understandably, there is public speculation about the various plans and protocols that are being considered, as well as the confidential conversations that have been made, but our position remains clear: every aspect and decision requires the agreement and approval of the Victorian government.