Eugenie Bouchard and the time he called Maria Sharapova a traitor!

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Eugenie Bouchard and the time he called Maria Sharapova a traitor!

One of the most controversial situations in the history of the tennis world concerned the doping scandal that a few years ago, exactly in 2016, involved the Russian tennis player and former number 1 in the world Maria Sharapova.

Sharapova tested positive for a doping test at the 2016 Australian Open and tested positive for Meldonium, a drug that improves her exercise skills but that the Russian had been taking for 10 years for the magnesium deficiency she had long had and for.

diabetes, an inherited disease that has affected her family. In the end the Russian was banned for 15 months by the world anti-doping agency, WADA, and the disqualification was not harsh because everyone considered doping unintentional.

This thing was accepted by most tennis players, but there were some who didn't swallow it.

Eugenie Bouchard and her feud with Sharapova

One of the tennis players who did not appreciate the attitude towards Sharapova was the Canadian Eugenie Bouchard.

Upon returning from competitions, Maria had several wild cards to return to play and Bouchard was really unhappy with this choice. Even in a 2017 interview, Bouchard defined Sharapova as a fraud. Here are her specific words: "I don't think it's fair to give her wild cards.

She's a traitor, so for me I don't think any cheater should keep playing in that sport. It is unfair to all our colleagues who play in a healthy and clean way." The two tennis players faced off in Madrid in 2017 but shortly before the winner of five Grand Slam titles replied to Bouchard's accusations in this way: "Not I have nothing to say, I have nothing to do with this.

I've heard a lot of things and I think if I let myself be influenced, it would be really hard for me. I don't think so, my tennis speaks for itself and that's what I focus on." In that 2017 match it was Bouchard who won, the Canadian won and rejoiced so much for this success.

Over the years there have been several media clashes between the two tennis players, at the beginning of her career Bouchard admired Sharapova a lot but then things changed and between the two there is a relationship that is anything but pleasant.

A tweet from the Canadian who was at the US Open match between Sharapova and Serena Williams made history and the tennis player declared "I'm only here to see the handshake."