Naomi Osaka attacked by haters after posting a photo of ...

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Naomi Osaka attacked by haters after posting a photo of ...

The three-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka and her boyfriend Cordae wear red-checkered pajamas during a comfortable flight. The 23-year-old captioned the photo wishing a Merry Christmas in Japanese (Merii Kurisumasu - ed.), but this glimpse of her lifestyle angered many of her Twitter followers.

Here are some comments that criticize Osaka's decision to fly private: "Another rich celebrity who displays wealth in a way that all their fans will never be able to reach. This is the new norm, especially in America.

The general perception is that wealth is equal to value, and is inserted into people's heads." Then another:" Happy Private Jet. America is dying." And another: "Wow private jets ... I bet it's good for the environment."

Of course, a large number of people also defended Osaka, saying that the Japanese tennis player should enjoy life and ignore the haters. Furthermore, some have commented that in this period, in the middle of the pandemic, if a person has the possibility to use private flights and not go to the airport to take scheduled flights where there are more people, it is a wise, careful choice she does not put her own life and that of others at risk.

Naomi Osaka attacked by haters after posting a photo of ...

In the year that saw her win her third Grand Slam at the US Open, on the fields of Flushing Meadows Park, Naomi Osaka, born in 1997, was the highest paid tennis player of 2020 with her 37.4 million dollars (many of the which come from numerous sponsors) and Sports Illustrated has included her among the activist athletes, alongside Lebron James.

More than his successes on the field, in fact, it was above all the commitment made in the court of the struggle for social and civil rights that contributed to the construction of his image, starting from the sadly famous case of the murder of George Floyd which took place on May 25 2020 in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Talking about the court, the greatests tennis stars on the planet, like Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka herself, Ashleigh Barty, Simona Halep and all the others, will come back for the upcoming Australian Open 2021, which will be held in Melbourne from 8 February: it will be the most awaited sports event of the first part of the new season.

It will be a very spectacualr season, and all of us hope without the problems of the last one, with some presence of the crowd in the courts across the world. Roger Federer will not play the Happy Slam, to well recover from the two surgeries of 2020: he will come back only at the end of February/beginning of March 2021.