Juan Martin del Potro's father died at 63 years-old

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Juan Martin del Potro's father died at 63 years-old

In a truly complicated and terrible year for many people across the planet, Juan Martin del Potro had to suffer a tragedy deeper than both injuries and the pandemic. In fact, on Monday the father of the Argentine tennis player, Daniel Horacio, a veterinarian, passed away at the age of 63 years-old.

The first to offer condolences to del Potro were Guillermo Vilas and Rafael Nadal, both via Twitter. Juan Martin's dad had undergone a heart operation and was admitted to a private clinic in Buenos Aires, and his death occurred due to complications related to the surgery.

Daniel followed Juan Martin during the first steps of his career, then left his son's training to professional coaches, while continuing to manage the family business linked to fields and livestock. The Tennis World USA editorial team joins all the fans of Juan Martin del Potro, offering condolences and wishing the Argentinian champion a prompt return on the court.

Juan Martin del Potro on his future

Juan Martin is certainly one of the most unfortunate players in the history of our sport. Away from the circuit repeatedly due to injuries, he has not currently taken the field since June 2019.

Former world number 3, today he is out of the top 150 of the ATP rankings. His latest success on the Tour is represented by the beautiful victory over Roger Federer in the final of Indian Wells 2018, which ended in the tiebreak of the third set.

Speaking with ESPN, Tandil Tower said: “The reality is that it takes me a long time to get back to the way it used to be. I can't hide it. However, I keep on my feet because I want to play. I struggled with my knee, but I feel the curtain has not yet fallen for me.

I don't think I have to close ”. Del Potro has already revealed his new goal for next season: “I want to be present at the Olympic Games, this keeps the desire alive inside me. Because of the damn epidemic they have been postponed to next year, but I will continue to fight because I think it would be a prize to represent Argentina once again."

The former US Open winner therefore dismissed the hypothesis of retirement: "I love tennis and I want to meet again all the people who have helped me during my career, I want to do it from inside and not from outside the court.

This is my natural place " Del Potro finally recalled Diego Maradona, present at his victory in the Davis Cup 2016: “I still find it hard to believe what happened. I collapsed when I saw the funeral. I do not feel that he is gone, now I think only of good memories.

It is time to remember anecdotes and be proud that he is Argentine. Maradona contacted me in person to attend the 2016 Davis final. Obviously I organized everything to make it possible. He has always behaved with the utmost respect, even if in tennis the calmer you are the better, and this was difficult with Diego.

No one was like him, he transmitted a strength and energy that I have not perceived from any other person. Every night, alone and without anyone knowing, I looked at him for ten minutes."