Dominika Cibulkova gets vaccinated without respecting waiting lists!

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Dominika Cibulkova gets vaccinated without respecting waiting lists!

Former Slovak tennis player Dominika Cibulkova and her husband Michal Navara have already carried out the vaccine against COVID-19, in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Shortly after the vaccination, controversy heavily broke out online because the former player and her husband, who became parents a little less than a year ago, would not have respected the waiting lists for the administration of the vaccine and jumped in front of the queue to get vaccinated.

According to some sources, the couple's names were entered irregularly in the lists of people who had to undergo the vaccine. This made it possible for them to bypass the queue and be vaccinated before other people who had the right to receive treatment for differeent reasons, such as age, work or health issues.

Given the circumstances, Cibulkova has tried to extinguish the controversy on her social media channels, which in such a delicate moment, did not wait too long to come. The former world number four published a post on her Instagram profile to officially apologize for what happened and provide some explanations for the event.

Dominika Cibulkova gets vaccinated without respecting waiting lists!

This is the message shared by the former tennis player on Instagram: "I am really sorry for what happened. I accompanied a friend of mine to the hospital and once we got there, I asked how long we would have to wait before we could get the vaccine.

I would not have caught the vaccine, if I had known that I was not filling a vacancy, but taking away the place of a person who needed the vaccine and who should have been vaccinated that very day. I am sorry for the situation, but now I would like to urge people not to be afraid of the vaccine.

I will be happy if this unfortunate event has a positive effect on the vaccination campaign. I will be happy to help in promoting and raising awareness on the issue." In the second half of her statement, 31-years-old Cibulkova decided to change the focus of the conversation and tried to spend some words talking about the importance of vaccination and how her wrong behaviour could actually bring a positive change, as through this she at least has helped promote vaccination as a process during this period, especially in a moment where there are people still not entirely about the need of being vaccinated.

The former player hopes this unfortunate event will finally convince people that COVID-19 vaccines are the way to go and gave her availability to actually get more involved in the promotion and even collaborate in a campaign to promote vaccination and the need for people to do it.

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