Carlos Bernardes rushed to a Melbourne hospital

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Carlos Bernardes rushed to a Melbourne hospital

A lot is happening in Australian these days. And this time we are not talking about problems related to the global pandemic, even if it is always about health problems. As reported by ESPN, famous tennis chair umpire Carlos Bernardes suffered from a health problem that forced him to be transferred to a hospital from the hotel where he held mandatory quarantine before the start of the tournaments before the Australian Open 2021.

The expert umpire left the View Melbourne hotel in an ambulance. However, it shouldn't be a COVID-19 related preblema, as doctors didn't put on personal protective equipment. Perhaps an illness or other health problem yet to be determined.

The Tennis World USA editorial team wishes Cralos Bernardes a speedy recovery.

Australian Open: Health Minister against Tennis Australia

Players are coming from all over the world to prepare for the Australian Open 2021, a grand slam event that, like everything these days, will be overshadowed by the Covid-19 global pandemic.

The start of the tournament has already been postponed to February 8th due to quarantine restrictions and many are wondering if it should be canceled. Madison Keys has already retired after testing positive for the virus and former number one Andy Murray is in serious doubt after his diagnosis.

It is almost certain, given the skyrocketing infection rates in countries like Britain and the United States, that others will test positive after arriving here. Tennis Australia and the Victoria State government have responded by announcing what they say is a watertight hotel quarantine system.

A group of elite players will make their two-week stint at a special facility in Adelaide, while the rest will be housed in three Melbourne hotels. They will be supervised by a staff of 1,700 and will only be able to go out for five hours of practice per day at the Melbourne Park courts.

The next few weeks will require careful planning and vigilance, Tennis Australia must ensure that spectators and staff - ballboys, referees and hospitality operators - are protected from COVID. Hotel quarantine places have long been well below demand and the queue will only get longer after the national government's decision last week to cut the weekly limit for arrivals due to the higher risk posed by new strains of viruses.