Controversies in Australia against Margaret Smith continue

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Controversies in Australia against Margaret Smith continue

There are still controversy in Australia against Margaret Smith. The home player is certainly one of the strongest one in tennis history. She has the record for the highest number of Grand Slam trophies won in singles career, in addition to that of the highest number of titles won in singles.

Melbourne. She is also very strong in doubles, in this specialty she has won 19 Slams, in addition to 21 in mixed doubles. However, the former champion has often been talked about for her harsh positions against homosexuality, which she considered an abomination in the eyes of God.

Margaret Smith awarded again in Australia

Next Tuesday, on the occasion of Australia Day, Margaret will be awarded the title of Companion in the General Division of the Order of Australia. Daniel Andrews, current Premier of the State of Victoria, said: “I am not the one presenting these awards.

It is not my problem, but that of others. You should talk to them if you want to know why these ideas, disrespectful, painful and costing human lives, should be rewarded." A little later, Andrews reiterated on Twitter: "I don't want to give any space to this person's shameful and bigoted ideas.

But when other people insist on rewarding them with the nation's highest accolade, then one thing is worth repeating: Grand Slam tournament wins don't entitle you to spew hate and create division." Instead, Opposition leader Anthony Albanese wrote on his social channels: "Margaret Court has already been rewarded for her value in tennis.

She and she, she is already an Officer of the Order of Australia. I think it's clear to everyone that making her now a Companion of the Order has nothing to do with tennis." For some time now, numerous tennis players and fans have been pressing for the Australian Open's Margaret Court Arena to be renamed in honor of Evonne Goolagong, the four-time champion in Melbourne.