Dominika Cibulkova helps health workers

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Dominika Cibulkova helps health workers

For Dominika Cibulkova it was evidently not enough to apologize to all the people who should have received the vaccine before her, and who have been overtaken by the same tennis player who has already been given the vaccine.

The Slovak, who became a mother less than a year ago, has decided to collaborate with the health workers of the hospitals in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, to demonstrate her closeness to all people who need the vaccine.

The former world number four wanted to make this gesture to try to remedy the mistake she made a few weeks ago when she and her husband received the vaccine without respecting the waiting lists for administration. The photo of the former tennis player was published by the Slovak health ministry, which on his official Instagram page has included some photos depicting Cibulkova together with health workers wearing full protected equipment.

This is the message attached to the post: "SPORT TAUGHT ME THAT YOU MUST LEARN FROM MISTAKES. When it became clear that Dominika Cibulková had been vaccinated without respecting waiting lists, we responded with harsh criticism of this procedure and a warning from sanctions the hospital if it happened again.

Furthermore, we responded to the words of Cibulkova that she was willing to help in the awareness campaign and invited her to do so directly from the hospital. Dominika Cibulková accepted our invitation and today she worked at the collection point, symbolically supporting the health workers."

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Cibulkova's mistake and her apologies

Cibulkova apologized with a message on Instagram: "I'm really sorry for what happened.

I accompanied a friend of mine to the hospital and once we got there, I asked how long we would have to wait before we could get the vaccine. person who needed the vaccine and who should have been vaccinated that day. I am sorry for the situation, but now I would like to urge people not to be afraid of the vaccine.

I will be happy if this unfortunate event has a positive effect on the vaccination campaign. I will be happy to help in promoting and raising awareness on the issue."