Wimbledon 2021 could host 10,000 people a day!

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Wimbledon 2021 could host 10,000 people a day!

As reported by the Daily Mail, the organizers of Wimbledon are thinking of limiting the number of the daily crowd at Church Road to 10,000, in a facility that can accommodate up to 42,000 people, also to eliminate the famous queue that formed every day for the retreat.

of tickets. 2020 was probably the worst year for sport from the point of view of events canceled, suspended or made in the absence of an audience. For tennis the worst consequences compared to the 2020 calendar, were suffered by Wimbledon which was the only Grand Slam tournament not to be played due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

And it matters little to organizers and insiders if the tournament received a massive compensation from the insurance company Lawn Tennis Association of 174 million pounds. What really matters to all the All England Club is that the Championships return to play with no ifs and buts, with the hope that in June the global situation will be less serious than today.

This is the indication that comes from the organization of the most prestigious tennis tournament on the circuit. After being the only Grand Slam not held last year for Covid-19, the Championships will be staged this year, unless there are major critical issues always linked to the coronavirus.

Wimbledon 2021 could host 10,000 people a day!

According to reports, residents of the surroundings of Wimbledon in London have already been informed of the event by the All England Club. There are still doubts about how it will take place.

The hypotheses on the table are the following: without public limitation; limited viewers; closed doors. The decision should be made by March when the contagion situation in England will also be clearer. We recall that there was already no public presence at the US Open, while in Paris there were 1000-1500 fans a day.

Different thing for the Australian Open 2021 which will see 25-30 thousand people every day due to the different condition in which they are in Australia in terms of positive cases. Unusually among sporting entities, Wimbledon first established pandemic insurance in 2003 following the outbreak of SARS and has since kept it at an estimated total cost of £ 25m to the insurance industry.