Nick Kyrgios has a different philosophy to a new season

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Nick Kyrgios has a different philosophy to a new season

"I have enjoyed being back at home in Canberra...I've given my body a bit of a break...Having my family and friends...keeps me in a great frame of mind..." Nick Kyrgios, former top 20 player says realistically.

He looks at the world health crisis as a revelation on making him see life different. Kyrgios hasn't played since last February at the Mexican Open in Acapulco. It proved to be quite a bummer as he had sustained a wrist injury in the first round against Ugo Humbert and retired in the opening set.

He was booed by the crowd who seemed unsympathetic to the ailing Aussie.

The Pandemic tore through the tennis season causing cancellations and postponements but when the season resumed two events the Cincinnati Masters and the U.S.

Open were held in New York's tennis center in Flushing. Kyrgios opted to give it all a miss and take a mental break until the 2021 season. Resuming the ATP tour now in his home country was ideal and he'd entered the ATP Murray River Open playing against France's Alexandre Muller.

"I was excited just to get back out here. Any opponent for me today was going to be tricky," Kyrgios said with a boyish grin. He was still nursing a knee injury and didn't know how that would interfere with his game.

But he'd go on to win, first dropping the opening set then coming back, gaining his rhythm to win the match 3-6, 6-4, 7-6. The second round Kyrgios had gotten his legs and momentum together with an Australian comrade, Harry Bourchier.

He had ripped 10 aces and won 69 points to Bourchier's 58 to win in straight sets 6-2, 7-6. The match wasn't without drama as Kyrgios had a time violation called on him by chair empire Nacho Forcadell. " My motion starts here, mate.

I'm not playing--get (the supervisor) out. I want to see him," Kyrgios said starting to get infuriated by the entire matter. The violation was concerning his serving motion being over the time limitations. Situations were quickly resolved leaving Bourchier's lost of rhythm and momentum.

He had suggested why Kyrgios couldn't have discussed the violation at the break. It was an important time that the games were tied at 5-all in the last set. "I wanted to talk about it now. I lost enough money to these Peanuts," Kyrgios said jokingly.

The dramatics continued into the third round of the Murray Open as Kyrgios battled but lost the match to Borna Coric. Bad language and unsportsmanlike conduct of throwing a racket into the empty stands had the Canberra native regress back to his regular mantra as his game started to fail.

"I can't serve without pain," he debated with the chair empire. "I'll just play one more game," Kyrgios promised himself. He was able to go the distance and finished the match but losing in straight sets to a happy Borna Coric.The Australian native was disappointed thinking he'd go further in the tournament.

"I think I'm ticking the boxes. I think I'm giving myself a chance," he'd remarked. He decided to take things lightly saying "I'm just going to have a glass of wine and chill out." Everyone is now waiting for the Australian Open where Nick feels he has gotten his game at least started and is very eager to see what will happen as the tournament gets underway.