Naomi Osaka's Japan in the new manga!

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Naomi Osaka's Japan in the new manga!

Unrivaled: Naomi Tenkaichi is a shojo manga created by the tandem of twin authors Futago Kamikita, known for having drawn the Pretty Cure manga, a story set in space and which follows the adventures of tennis player Naomi and her family for monthly magazine Nakayoshi.

Unrivaled: Naomi Tenkaichi, which stars a character inspired by the Japanese tennis player, began. Naomi Osaka. Number three in the world ranking, Osaka has become a star and a reference point even off the pitch, especially last year when during the U.S.

Her Open had shown the world not only her prowess as a tennis player, but also her determination and her support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The design used in the story published in the magazine is clearly different, where the features and color of the skin are on the contrary almost magnified: essential in this sense was having the advice of Mari, Naomi's sister, for drawings and character design.

In January 2019 Osaka was the protagonist of an advertisement for the colossus Nissin, a famous manufacturer of cup noodles, which however had generated an avalanche of controversy. In fact, her character had been lightened her skin and changed the color of her hair, an incredible and (or) horror of which the company had awkwardly apologized by withdrawing the advertising and making her apologies to the athlete herself.

Episodes like that of the Nissin advertising are unfortunately not rare in Japan, not so much for an expressly racist will, but probably for a racism so to speak of habit, but they give the idea of ​​how for Japan, a society that is still homogeneous.

These problems are even more evident when it comes to black Japanese. Stations and other public places in the archipelago, not to mention advertisements and shops, are covered with the smiles and bodies of the two athletes, in all their diversity.

Naomi Osaka at the Australian Open 2021

Japanese Naomi Osaka qualified for the second round of the Australian Open 2021 thanks to a victory in straight sets against Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, with the final score of 6-1 6-3, performance which gives continuity to the good things seen last week at the Gippsland Trophy.

A victory obtained in 68 minutes of play, which projects the young tennis star, winner of the tournament in 2019 against Petra Kvitova, to the next match against Caroline Garcia. Osaka showed a very solid tennis and a great shape: surely she is one of the favorites for the final victory of the Australian Slam.

After the victory against Pavlyuchenkova, Naomi talked about the match and her opponent, as well as her desire to do well in the Majors. She said: "I feel like for me the most recent memory I have of playing her was in the Osaka final 2019, so it's always really hard to play someone that good in the first round.

For me, I feel like it might have also helped in a way because I calmed my nerves because I felt like I couldn't afford to be that nervous. I kind of expected that because I always want to do well in Slams. I never want to lose in the first round."