Glamour named Naomi Osaka Gamechanger of the year

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Glamour named Naomi Osaka Gamechanger of the year

Naomi Osaka is definitely the tennis player and woman of the moment, the most coveted sportswoman by brands and the most loved by fans, sometimes criticized by haters: she is the true heir of Seena Williams, the only one able to collect her incredible legacy.

But Naomi is not just a tennis champion: she is a woman who dictates new fashions, and a woman who fights for social injustices. After her victory at the 2021 Australian Open, the Japanese was named Sports Gamechanger of the Year by Glamor UK.

She is also the covergirl for the March issue of Gamechanger magazine. The turning point in Osaka's career was her victory at the US Open 2018 against Serena Williams: since then Naomi has won 4 Slams and has also become the highest paid female athlete in the world according to Forbes.

But not only this, because Osaka is also the queen of brands: Nike, Louis Vuitton, Mastercard, Beats By Dre, Playstation and Nissan.

Glamour named Naomi Osaka Gamechanger of the year

In the interview granted to Glamor, Naomi said: "I don't feel that different.

But I feel more confident and more proud of myself that all my hard work since the age of three has paid off. I think in the moment. where you win a Grand Slam, there is more pressure on you to perform, so it's a challenge, but I'm always excited to get into those high pressure games knowing I can prove myself time and time again.

Parents would have, because my parents, to the outside world, would be classified as an interracial couple, and sometimes they would be harassed a bit. That's when I started to notice that some people are treated differently.

Kobe Bryant? He was a mentor and a close friend and helped me get through some of the hardest parts of my life as an athlete. I remember telling him I wanted to be like him, and his response was: No, be better and don't forget.


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