Alexander Zverev stings Tsitsipas to capture first Mexican Open title

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Alexander Zverev stings Tsitsipas to capture first Mexican Open title

"I came here with a goal and I achieved it, and I'm very happy with that," Alexander Zverev said after he had won his hard-fought Mexican Open title in straight sets from Stefanos Tsitsipas. He had come into the tournament determined to win this title here since 2019 when he would fall in the final to Nick Kyrgios.

"I have a very strong relationship with Mexico and with this tournament," he had said upon his career history of playing in Acapulco. Zverev also wanted to win Stefanos Tsitsipas had a 5-2 head-to-head and in some respects he wasn't considered to be the favorite to win.

The German admitted a bit on what made the Mexican Open more appealing: "This week has been onf of the most fun I have had in recent months, the tournament showed that the public can attend sporting events," Zverev said smilingly.

It was too many tournaments where players had to endure playing in front of a nearly empty stadium, as well as living in 'a bubble' throughout the tournament time. The German had the confidence and knew what he had to do in winning the match and tournament and he did it.

"When I have my chances, I need to close it out against top players...they won't give you a second chance..." Zverev emphasized. Tsitsipas had zoomed off the first five games and maybe grew overconfident that he'd win the set.

This was a real surprise for Zverev who felt the match slipping away and decided to elevate his level of play, winning the last five games to win the set. It went in the German's favor that the Greek wasn't able to withhold his aggressive play to win the set and strive to change his gamesmanship in the second.

Unfortunately Stefanos had to admit his weaker level of play saying "I did everything I could, but Alex was superior."

The German was just too good for the greek and won the match

The last few events in Rotterdam, the German had loss in the opening round and the Australian Open, he'd made it to the quartersbefore losing to Novak Djokovic in four tough sets.

Zverev did mak it to the final of the Paris Masters where he eas defeated in three sets by Russia's Daniil Medvedev. This tournament Zverev not only proved himself to the fans and tennis community, but also to himself. This was his 14th ATP title since turning pro eight years ago.

He has won the U.S. Open just last year among the difficult conditions of playing in the Pandemic and this has taught Alex a huge lesson that so much is possible on the competitive court. After receiving his sombrero and trophy all he could say is "The victory means a lot to me."