Roger Federer says all players can play on all surfaces now

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Roger Federer says all players can play on all surfaces now

Tennis - These days, the topic of playing surfaces becoming similar keeps coming about in discussions as the top 4 men continue to dominate tennis irrespective of the surface. With the dominance of hard courts, which have been slowed down, tennis has become a battle of long baseline rallies.

And those players who can win on hardcourts, also win on clay and grass courts. World no. 2 Roger Federer thinks that this should change and said that there should be some variety in the playing surfaces speed and conditions.

Federer, whose game is suited to the fast playing surfaces, commented in Madrid, "I think there are no necessarily grass-court players, indoor specialists, not really clay-court specialists, for that matter. So everybody can play everywhere now.

In the past people would miss entire clay- or grass-court seasons because they just thought, I’m not going to waste my time there. I’m going to practice and return on a surface that I prefer. It makes it sometimes easier then to dominate through different surfaces.

But at the same time, if you’re on bad run, also that run can last longer as well.” “That you come into, let’s say a quick hard court or a slow clay court and you have somebody who feels totally out of sorts, Before I thought that was pretty funny sometimes to see a guy feeling so uncomfortable having to play the other expert, but trying with what he had to make the other player feel uncomfortable.

It’s not so much that anymore now, because everybody hits a good forehand, everybody hits a good backhand, everybody serves well now and moves well and is fit. It’s more one-dimensional now.”