Venus Williams sees new and exciting challenges at Wimbledon this year

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Venus Williams sees new and exciting challenges at Wimbledon this year

"..I think it'd be fun to play with Nick Kyrgios," Venus Williams replied just about four years ago when asked about who she'd want to play mixed doubles with. Besides teaming up with sister Serena in doubles which ended many a year ago and playing mixed doubles with Bob Bryan over a decade ago her game was predominantly singles.

Venus Williams is getting a whole new feeling about her ventures of doubles again. She's no stranger to it all and sees playing at any level as a challenge to take on if not now but when. Williams won the mixed doubles championships at the Australian and French Open back in 1998 and was a finalist at Wimbledon nearly 15 years ago.

The actual thought of playing with Nick Kyrgios seems to be exciting since he competes at his blasting level to win the matches whenever he sets foot on the court. The drive and determination can't be beat and Venus looks at being in this duo as a positive.

Everyone is getting excited on what the new team could bring to the mixed doubles level. Tennis Channel's analyst Steve Weissman on Twitter had said that "I'm here for all the Nick Kyrgios and Venus Williams mixed doubles matches."

As for Nick Kyrgios, the Pandemic he hopes has brought out the best in himself. It was in February that he played in Australia and wants this great absence from tennis to be a big revelation for him as a person. "I want to be better as a tennis player and a person, " Nick admitted.

The Australian's times of playing too often has involved on-court debates, fines and just not good feelings when he starts to get tense during competition. "..Nothing fazes me at all anymore and I feel I have more to give the game," he comments.

It's been a while that he's played and his loss to Austria's Dominic Thiem at the Australian Open was a bit of an eye-opener he needed to get his game and mindset together. Venus was given a wildcard to play at Wimbledon in singles and is so looking to go the distance at any level.

She had teamed with teen Coco Gauff at the French Open but they bowed in the first round of doubles. Nick Kyrgios calls their partnership at Wimbledon as "The mixed doubles pairing of the tournament." But no matter the outcome it is a surprising turn for the unusual duo of Venus and Nick to team up and possbly stir up a deep win on the grassy courts of the Wimbledon Championships.