Andy Murray hopeful on future play as he aces Basilashvili at Wimbledon opener

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Andy Murray hopeful on future play as he aces Basilashvili at Wimbledon opener

Actually four is a lucky number for the multi-grand slam Brit who's dug out a successful opening day win at Wimbledon. It took fortitude, determination and skill for Andy Murray to defeat the ATP's no. 28th ranked Nikoloz Basilashvili in four setsL 6-4, 6-3, 5-7, 6-3.

It has also been four difficult years since he's appeared at Wimbledon to come out victorious. "I did well to win the fourth set because mentally that was not easy to go back to the locker room after that third set," Andy Murray was just analyzing his performance over his Russian opponent.

The Brit was leading two sets of 6-4, 6-3. The third set looked like the charm when Murray led 5-0. But something happened that cuased a stir in the Brit's winning mantra. Basilashvili started correcting errors he'd previously made in the last two losing sets.

He became aggressive, started connecting with cross court strokes and his strategies for finding the opening court to produce winners was too much for Murray to handle. The Russian's 7-5 set win forced another but the Brit stayed focused to pull the match out with the 6-3 fourth set victory.

"I had to kind of remember what I was doing that got me in a winning position," Murray admitted thinking back to the deciding set. This beginning round at Wimbledon was proof to Andy that he is still a moving force in tennis and is able to be successful again.

This wasn't anything new to Murray because the welcoming applause he had when first entering the stadium was proof that the fans and crowds didn't give up on him when he was recuperating from hip surgeries. "Amazing reception when I came out.

Great atmosphere the whole match," Murray said with a wide smile. It's been a difficult 8 years since Andy won Wimbledon along with having two hip operations and COVID-19. "It's been extremely tough...I've had such little momentum over these last few years," Murray has confessed.

Now he is strong willed enough to continuing playing. He is often asked if he's going to continue and all he says is "I'm going to keep playing. I want to play. I'm enjoying it...I'll keep going."