Preparation: Exercises For Warming Up

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Preparation: Exercises For Warming Up

Annoyance, frustration, bad positioning on the court and a succession of quickly lost points: these are the symptoms of failing to warm up before a tennis match. To avoid this kind of problem, our coach Damien Caby has put together some exercises that will get you ready for your tennis match.

It’s essential to see the following exercises as part of a progression, and that you should set aside 15-20 minutes before each match to complete this program. When you step on the court you should be ready to play and already slightly sweaty.

Warming up in 3 phases: General (10 minutes) Start with a light 10-minute jog to gradually raise your body temperature, preparing it for the strain to come. During the jogging phase, rotate your arms forward and backward to prepare your upper limbs as well.

Skipping rope can be an alternative to jogging. This exercise also allows you to work on your explosiveness. Tennis-specific (10 minutes) Be methodical! The sudden and rapid movements during a point will put a strain on your joints.

Warming up your joints must start from the ankles and go up to your neck. Follow this procedure: - Ankles (one at a time): Keeping the tip of your foot on the ground, turn first in one direction and then the other. - Knees: With feet together, place your hands on both knees and draw a circle.

Repeat the sequence several times, first in one direction and then in the other. - Hips: As if you were using a Hula Hoop, rotate your pelvis, first in one direction and then in the other. - Wrists: Join the palms of your hands and cross your fingers, then rotate without straining.

Alternate the direction of rotation regularly. - Elbows: Put your right hand on your left elbow. Move your left forearm up and down a dozen times, then do the same with the other hand and the other arm. After working on the joints, we move on to the movements.

To do this we will make small round trips of about fifteen meters, performing movements similar to those made on the court: - Knee bends. - Heels against the buttocks. - Side steps. - Running with legs stretched forward. - Crossed sprints. - Side steps at an angle.